Swatch Presents Swatch Faces 2017 At The Venice Biennale, Launching The Latest Artist Collaboration ‘broad Time’

As the main partner of the 57th Venice International Art Biennale in 2017, Swatch, a well-known Swiss watch brand, returns to Venice for the fourth time with its love story between art and art. Swatch Faces 2017-themed art works are presented in multiple venues in the Arsenale and Giardini exhibition areas, including wonderful works from sojourner artists at the Swatch Peace Art Center in Shanghai and colors brought by British abstract artist Ian Davenport. Sheng Ye.

Swatch invites 4 international artists living in the Swatch Peace Hotel in Shanghai to bring their works to the 57th Venice International Art Biennale 2017.
French photographer Virginie Litzler was deeply attracted by the mysterious and poetic light and shadow of the streets while living in Shanghai. This kind of poetry is also expressed in the work of Chinese artist Yuan Jinhua: in an 8 series of ink paintings full of emotional tension, he expresses a strong and changing mood. Shanghai’s postmodern skyscrapers have caught the eye of Belgian architect and artist Cédric van Parys—especially the unique and striking monument on the top of the building. Rodan Kane Hart, a South African artist, has a completely different impression of the city. He was shocked by the historical relics left by the colonial period in Shanghai: 40 mirror-polished steel masks (modeled after classic Roman busts, European colonial South African art is very similar), symbolizing the demise of Western art ideas.

British abstract artist IAN DAVENPORT creates abstract paintings for SWATCH 2017 Venice Biennale
Swatch invited British artist Ian Davenport to create a large-scale painting ‘Giardini Colourfall’ (the color waterfall in the Giardini exhibition area) to match the theme of the ‘Swatch Faces 2017’ exhibition and participate in the 2017 Venice International Art Biennial. More than 1,000 colors are rhythmically arranged on an aluminum plate of 3.8 x 14 meters, and the pouring paint leaves vertical colored marks on the aluminum plate, blending with each other at the bottom of the display panel. Gravity and the viscosity of the pigments interact with each other to form unexpected swirls and dynamic patterns.

Carlo Giordanetti, Global Creative Director of Swatch, said: ‘Ian Davenport’s work is very wonderful! His ability to tell stories with colors creates a vibrant atmosphere. His approach to space gives materials vitality and creates his unique artistic language . ‘

SWATCH and artist IAN DAVENPORT launch the latest artist special edition ‘WIDE ACRES OF TIME’ at the 2017 Venice Biennale
Swatch and Ian Davenport also co-created an artist’s special watch ‘WIDE ACRES OF TIME’, with countless colored lines forming a colorful swirl in the center of the watch. This new artist’s special watch has a specially designed package printed with a moving poem by the artist’s brother Philip Davenport. Carlo Giordanetti, Swatch Global Creative Director, commented: ‘Wide Acres of Time’ watches will surely conquer watch collectors and friends who love Swatch. This watch once again brings art into people’s real life, conveys the purpose of ‘Swatch loves art’, and continuously inspires and promotes the unique creative interaction between Swatch and art. ‘