Thinking About Warmth, Melting Ice And Snow Glashütte’s Original Reveals The Magic Of Winter With Extraordinary Timepieces

It’s snowy and lonely-winter is here. In this season of thoughtfulness, those beautiful dreams deeply imprinted inside are once again moving: Where is the beauty? Who warms his heart? What’s a good time? In the cold, lonely and magical winter, there are original Glashütte ideas for you-two new works, extraordinary and pleasing to the eye.

The shiny stainless steel parliamentary world time watch and the dazzling eccentric moon phase women’s watch are admired by its refreshing and elegant temperament and traditional German watchmaking art heritage.

Multi-faceted and exquisite, the walker knows no boundaries: the watch in the world of MPs
The ice-cream-like, multifaceted MP World Time Watch is an ideal companion for traveling around the world. Regardless of the flames or the sun like a waterfall-it is a reliable timepiece in difficult times and dangerous conditions, it is a trusted partner who will never give up. Complex and sophisticated machinery that can display two time zones at the same time-both standard time and daylight saving time are taken into account-as long as it is any time zone in the world currently in use. Its core is equipped with the 89-02 automatic winding movement created by the brand watch factory. More than 400 components are assembled by hand, 4 Hz frequency, eccentric automatic rotor, 72-hour power reserve-a truly original work.

新 This new stainless steel model launched this year uses a dark blue Louisiana alligator leather strap, which is the latest model of the MP Timepiece series; this series was first launched in 2015. Its personality is in the same vein as Glashütte’s original brand style, and the refreshing design is streamlined to the basic elements. The overall design of the dial and the layout of the various displays make reading time a treat-even if it is snowy outside.

Dark blue and white, embellished with black details-colors that belong to winter, set the overall visual tone of the watch. The silver frame dial at 12 o’clock indicates the home time, and it also integrates the power reserve display. Glashütte’s original and representative large calendar is set at 4 o’clock; at 8 o’clock, two arrow-shaped windows are designed to blend in harmony with the overall contours of the dial. They use the International Airport Code developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which indicates traveler destinations in three different colors. Each of the 24 time zones (one hour difference between adjacent time zones) divided according to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is represented by a black IATA code; another eight are half-time zones, represented by blue codes; There are also three time zones that differ by three quarters of an hour from GMT time, indicated by a red IATA code. The 9 o’clock position is a newly designed day / night display, which represents day and night with a small sun and starry night sky, respectively.

Frozen Jade Lake in the warm winter sun: dazzling light, dazzling-a vivid portrait of the eccentric moon phase ladies watch
的 The fascinating magic of the eccentric moon phase ladies’ watch also comes from the fresh and pure details. The delicate mother-of-pearl dial is like a frozen lake in the winter landscape-it reflects the clear and clear sky. Such glamorous beauty is the crystallization of the superb craftsmanship of Glashütte’s original dial factory in Pforzheim, Germany. In addition, the large calendar at 4 o’clock and the moon phase display at 2 o’clock are also masterpieces of watchmakers’ craftsmanship-the diamond-cut silver moon, the beautiful starry night sky, and the lifelike portrayal fascinating. . Although the large calendar display is the representative feature of Glashütte’s original furnace fire, it is rarely used in ladies’ mechanical watches, which shows its rarity.

8383 diamonds with a total weight of 1.09 carats give the eccentric moon phase ladies watch a bright ice crystal-like glow in the warm winter sun. 64 brilliant-cut diamonds decorate the finely polished 39.4 mm stainless steel case. In addition, the 18 brilliant-cut diamonds inlaid with bar-shaped hour markers on the dial will continue the light and exude elegance. Finally, a bright cut diamond with a size of 3 mm was wound on the winding crown to command the stars in the style of a ‘crown’, reaching the peak of light. The watch is equipped with a self-winding movement 90-12 built by the brand watchmaker. The light blue Louisiana crocodile leather strap with pin buckle and the holy blue tone on the dial complement each other perfectly, making the watch complement each other. The whole is done in one go-elegant and natural.