Three Domestic Tourbillon Watches Recommended For Cheers Made In China

When it comes to buying watches, everyone may choose Swiss watches first. After all, the Swiss watchmaking industry always occupies the supremacy of the watch industry, from the quality of the movement to the appearance of the watch. The forefront of the world. But at the just-concluded Basel Haute Horlogerie exhibition, Fiyta, as a Chinese watch brand from the mysterious East, went to Switzerland with a watch made in China to show the world’s outstanding creativity with the times. This can not help but add another expectation for domestic watches. Speaking of domestic watches, which brands will flash in your mind? Today, Watch House recommends three domestic brand watches for you. Let us experience the innovative ideas and continuous development of the domestic watchmaking industry.
   Seagull Watch is China’s ‘old-fashioned’ brand, producing China’s first mechanical watch, known for its superb tourbillon technology. With a long history of Chinese culture, it is currently the largest production base of mechanical watches and movements in China.
   Seagull Tourbillon 818.907 watch

  Product model: 818.907
  Official price: ¥ 19999
  Watch diameter: 40 mm
  Case material: Stainless steel
  Movement type: manual machinery
  Movement model: ST8007
  Manufacturer: Seagull
  Water resistance: 50 meters
  Watch details: Watch comment: This Seagull Tourbillon watch has a carefully crafted 40 mm case made of stainless steel. Under the sapphire crystal, the four sub dials are evenly distributed on the white round dial. Power reserve display at 12 o’clock, calendar display at 3 o’clock, classic tourbillon design by Seagull at 6 o’clock, and moon phase small dial at 9 o’clock. The eccentric tourbillon design is gorgeous and classic. With a black alligator leather strap, it shows the elegance of a gentleman.

   In 2003, China’s manned space program attracted worldwide attention, and Fiada provided a professional space chronograph watch for this space flight mission. With Shenzhou-5 flying into space, China successfully completed its first manned space flight mission. The Fiyta brand began to be known by more people and gradually became a Chinese brand watch known to professional collectors, watch enthusiasts and international professional media.

   Fiyta Aerospace GA8600.WHW Watch

   Product model: GA8600.WHW
   Official price: ¥ 36800
   Watch diameter: 44 mm
   Case material: titanium alloy
   Movement type: automatic machinery
   Water resistance: 100 meters
   Watch details: Watch comment: This Fiyta Aerospace watch is a limited edition tourbillon watch in commemoration of ‘Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Success of China’s First Manned Space Flight.’ The whole body of the watch is made of titanium alloy, and the 44 mm large-diameter gray case highlights the strong and masculine taste. The dial is made of sterling silver and finely polished with coinage technology to perfectly reproduce the original appearance of the planet’s surface. The watch is equipped with a tourbillon movement. The exquisite hollow design makes the watch look more exquisite. At the same time, the all-titanium design also brings a more lightweight and comfortable wearing experience to the wearer.

Beijing Watch
   Beijing Watch is also committed to the production of high-end watches, with high technical achievements in the field of tourbillon, enamel and relief.
   Beijing watch Qianfeng series BG080008 watch

   Product model: BG080505
   Official price: 28800
   Watch diameter: 42.5mm
   Case material: stainless steel
   Movement type: manual machinery
   Movement model: Beijing flying tourbillon movement TB01-2DN
   Water resistance: 50 meters
   Details of the watch: Watch review: Beijing Watch launches a new tourbillon watch with a Qianfeng series city theme. The new appearance continues the unique style of the city theme. Through the special design of the watch case and strap, it creates a hidden Forbidden City building. Seen from the side, a palace leaps in front, implying ‘there is a city in my heart, and heaven and earth in my eyes’. 42.5mm stainless steel case, black-red color combination of classic Beijing red and black, with black fire pattern dial, rich grain surface, several Beijing red has hidden magic, the overall design is red and black , Full of power. The hand uses an arrow-shaped design to give people a sense of speed from off-string arrows; the strap uses atmospheric black bamboo-grain leather, low-key, mysterious, unpredictable and deep, without revealing sharpness. It is equipped with Beijing Flying Tourbillon Caliber TB01-2DN. The design is inspired by the symmetrical and balanced oriental ancient architecture and palindrome structure, and integrates the concept of seal, which is a symbol of quality and identity. Each watch is limited to 99 pieces.

   Summary: The spirit of craftsmanship and artistic aesthetics are the directions that domestic watch brands have been concentrating on and exploring. They are determined to use watches to express oriental aesthetic art and cultural connotations. A premium watch with the ultimate wearing experience. We have a long way to go. We believe that with the development of economic and cultural strength, watches made in China will become better and better. Let us wait and see.