Watch ‘my First Half Of Life’ To Appreciate Amyron’s Workplace Watch

Adapted from Yishu’s novel of the same name, the TV series ‘My First Half of Life’ was broadcast throughout the circle of friends. Even if the film and television series has ended its first broadcast, the topic is still on the rise, occupying the hot search list. The plot of ‘The First Half of My Life’ closely follows the real life and social background, showing everyone’s persistence and efforts in the workplace in contemporary urban life. It is not difficult for the attentive audience to find that the workplace is simple and smart to wear. In order to show a more professional image, the choice of accessories is particularly important.
   Watches as a classic wild accessory is also a symbol of personal taste in the workplace. Watches with workplace attributes, while having a timing function, can also highlight the wearer’s capable aura. The selection of watches must not only meet the level requirements of their own positions, but also reflect the personal aesthetic style. Swiss watches and clocks Emilion brand, each series of watches have different characteristics, can meet the different temperament needs in the workplace.
   Take the characters in ‘My First Half of Life’ as an example, let’s take a look at how Emilion watches are matched in the workplace.
Variety wife
Representative character in the play: Luo Zijun-Variety Wife
After graduating from a prestigious university, her husband began to live a worry-free executive wife because of her husband’s phrase ‘I support you.’ Although she needs to bear the troubles brought about by the family business, her husband’s love keeps her bathed in fairy tales and maintains the innocent girlish heart.
Watch matching recommendation: Amy Long Baihua Fairy

   Flowers represent beauty and life, and have been symbolic of richness and beauty throughout the ages. The fragrant blooming flowers have inspired the creative inspiration of Amy Long designers, presenting the beautiful form and allegorical meaning of the flowers in the form of a watch, in order to praise the fairy-like women.

   The Baihua Fairy Lady’s watch is creative in that it breaks through the design and craftsmanship of traditional watches. A replaceable decorative dial is added above the dial. An ordinary watch can evolve a variety of decorations through simple DIY Effect, the Baihua Fairy Watch can meet Luo Zijun’s various matching needs. A hundred flowers fairy watch, let your ever-changing charm fully bloom.
Fresh in the workplace
Representative in the play: Luo Zijun-freshman in the workplace
The failure of the marriage made her re-enter the workplace, and after many trainings, she finally showed her bright spots in her career and lived a new herself. We can easily think of many former newcomers in the workplace. At first they felt that they were not eye-catching, but when they met again, they had already counterattacked and shone in the workplace. A reborn transformation must endure physical or mental pain, and success is thanks to courage and persistence.
Watch recommendations: Amy Long Jingya series

   Emmyron designers use lotus as the source of design, launching the Jingya series specifically for women, praising the elegant and refined quality of ladies by the name of lotus. And Luo Zijun’s strong courage is like the firm quality of lotus. The master of design of Amy Long cleverly combined the elegant and elegant sensory experience of lotus with the exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship, just like the lotus is in front of him.
Independent women
Representative in the play: Tang Jing
After graduating from graduate school, he entered well-known foreign companies. With the help of He Han, who is also a teacher and a friend, he went all the way and eventually became a career elite. She believes in the value of independence and self-reliance. She is a completely independent material and spiritual woman. She can live beautifully and lively even in the face of life twists and turns.
Watch recommendations: Amy Long Pearl Series

   The oval design of the Amy Long Pearl series makes the wrist look more beautiful when worn, and the smooth curve just shows the gentle side of the woman, which is neither too delicate nor decent. The use of precious metals, the embellishment of diamonds and the setting of rose gold make the watch more elegant. Rose gold watches add a touch of color to the urban workplace. Just like the name of the series ‘Pearl’, every successful and independent working woman looks like a shining pearl.
Urban elite
Representative in the play: He Han
He Han is an elite in the consulting industry. He is well-known in the business community with seniority, professionalism, and talent. In the face of business wars in the workplace, he is calm and easy-going. In addition to his status as a business elite, he is also a warm man. He is calm and wise and always assists his friends in a timely manner when he encounters difficulties.
Watch recommendations: Amy Long Lemon

The Amy Long Lemont watch fits comfortably on the wrist. The function of the small eye plate design in two places is more concise and textured. The studs and digital scales are simple and elegant on the dark gray dial. The enamel surface pulling the sun sand is more stylish and stable. The details of the watch reflect the design intention of the Emilion brand. In addition, the two-time function is very suitable for elites who are responsible for global business and have business needs.
Business woman
Representative in the play: Chen Junsheng
Achieving certain achievements in his career, he is rigorous and serious in his work, pursuing a higher quality of life. In the workplace, he is mature, low-key, and hard-working, and is a talent worthy of the responsibility of higher authorities.

Recommended watch matching: Emilion Time Wings

With superb craftsmanship and simple lines, Amy Long realized the dream of mankind to fly freely in space and time, and realized it on a unique watch-‘wings of time’, translated into French as ‘LES AILES DU TEMPS’ ‘. This watch uses a three-dimensional solar radiation dial. The exquisite craftsmanship shows both exquisiteness and resoluteness; the toothed ring mouth shows a fine metal cutting process, which is an extension of the radial surface of the dial and also makes the case unique; The brown belt adds a touch of temperament and a low profile. The brown belt in the picture is a special contribution from Amy Long e-commerce, which is available at Amy Long Jingdong’s own store and Tmall flagship store.
Each Emilion brand watch is cleverly embedded in the ‘Time Wing’ DNA element, but each series has a different unique style. To provide you with a wealth of choices in the workplace, Swiss Amy Long watches always have a match that matches your workplace temperament.